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Pokémon has been one of the longest running anime series of all time. It has been dubbed into quite a few languages but equally loved by all. As generation 8 comes to a wrap, fans are wondering what generation 9 could bring to the table. There are multiple theories about both how the show and the games will move ahead. Lets find out.

Plot: Pokémon

The incredible adventures of Ash Ketchum, a ten-year-old Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town, and his best buddy and everlasting companion Pikachu. They go through several regions together, including Kanto’s traditional region, Johto’s culturally rich region, Hoenn’s temperate region, Sinnoh’s mystical region, Unova’s advanced landscapes, Kalos’ various landmarks, and the splendor of Alola’s tropics.

Along the voyage, they meet a variety of new acquaintances, opponents, and companions. They all participate in each regional league. Other than that, they also dismantle villainous organizations and outwit the tenacious Team Rocket. Throughout it all, Ash’s ambition remains the same: to discover a large number of new Pokémon and to become known as the world’s greatest Pokémon Master.

When will it be announced?

Despite the lack of official confirmation from The Pokémon Company, it’s been almost two years since Sword & Shield debuted in Gen 8. Gen 9 would generally be announced in 2022, based on decades of release cycles. However, when Game Freak announced Pokemon Legends Arceus for January, they threw fans a curveball. The side project not only appears ambitious, but its early release makes a ninth-generation release appear cluttered.

If Gen 9 is announced in 2022, it will most likely be released in the fall of that year. The Pokémon Company has a habit of releasing new games on Fridays based on prior releases. Based on this, the release date of November 11 or 18 makes the most sense. Anything is conceivable now that Game Freak appears to be breaking all the rules with Pokemon Legends Arceus. Nintendo may even announce the ninth generation and release it in 2023, despite the fact that this is highly implausible.

Where will it take place?

Since Black & White in 2010, the Pokemon series has rotated the territory of each generation between America and Europe. Unova was based on New York State, Kalos was based on France, and Alola was based on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. This gets us to the present Gen 8, which features Galar, who was influenced by the United Kingdom.

So, based on previous cycles, the ninth generation should be based somewhere else in the United States, right? Well, not so fast. Game Freak may always interrupt the loop by deviating. In fact, the most recent reports about Gen 9 seem to point to China or India. Lockstin & Gnoggin, a Pokemon YouTuber, released a viral video pointing out how each generation’s Mythical Pokemon clearly hints at the next. The content author mentions Sword & Shield’s mythological Zarude and his jungle and forest roots in the upload.

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