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Catalysts are very important in destiny 2, mainly for weapon upgrades and more. But, finding these catalysts are another level of pain and effort. Thanks to us, we will help you find the Hawkmoon catalyst so that you can upgrade your weapons and have fun playing the game.

Gameplay: Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter game with role-playing and massively multiplayer online game aspects, similar to its predecessor. On-the-fly matchmaking was included in the original Destiny, allowing players to communicate exclusively with other players with whom the game had matched them.

Players have to use their individual console’s messaging system to speak with other players in the game world. Destiny 2 has a new matchmaking system called “Guided Games,” which allows users to find clans in need of extra players for activities like “strikes,” dungeons, or raids. Destiny 2’s activities are split into two categories: player vs environment and player versus player.

Hawkmoon catalyst

You can get the Hunter’s Trance perk by the Hawkmoon Catalyst. Hunter’s Trance provides four distinct advantages:

  • Increased Magazine Size
  • Increased Handling
  • Increase in Weapon Range
  • Faster Reload Speed

The efficiency of the last three is influenced on how many times the player has piled Paracausal Charge. For the best outcomes, players should stack it as many times as possible.

How to get it?

Unfortunately, the infamous Harbinger mission, is part of the larger Birds of Prey questline, is necessary to obtain this Catalyst. In order to begin and complete Harbinger, players must first receive the Hawkmoon and then begin the Birds of Prey quest. Players must start Harbinger after taking the Birds of Prey quest from the Crow in Tangled Shore. To accomplish so, players must travel to Trostland’s EDZ. Jump up the building near the church with a Paracausal bird on the wall and into the structure. To begin the mission, shoot a hole in the wall near the fireplace and follow the directions.

Now, all you need to do is to collect the feathers of light. Finding them in the environments, beating the three Emissaries, and fighting the final boss are the only ways to get them. It’s a little tricky to get to these Feathers. The map is a maze, and there are numerous fierce adversaries who may easily defeat even the most experienced players. The Emissaries are formidable foes, and the final boss is a true beast. To make matters worse, waves of foes will be defending the final monster. When you defeat the boss, the player will receive two random Hawkmoons as well as the Catalyst.

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