Akame Ga Kill: Anime Vs Manga - Five Major Differences

Akame Ga Kill! is a manga series, which was later turned into an animated series in 2014. The series follows the story of Tatsumi, who travels from her village to the corrupt capital to earn some money. Ever since the anime version of the manga arrived, fans noticed some major differences in the two mediums. Here, we present five major differences in anime and the manga version of Akame Ga Kill.

5. Different Versions of Lubbock’s death of Akame Ga Kill

The death of Lubbock’s in both versions are different. In the manga, Lubbock gets brutally tortured by Syura, but eventually kills him. Later, he is killed by a wild hunt named Izou while trying to use the imperial arm of Syura.

Akame Ga Kill: Anime Vs Manga - Five Major Differences

4. Esdeath’s fight before dying

Esdeath dies in both versions of fighting Akame, but the fight is completely different. In anime, he eventually breaks the sword of Akame, yet she is killed by the pieces of the shattered sword. However, in manga, the fight was more intense as death was more powerful.

Akame Ga Kill: Anime Vs Manga - Five Major Differences

3. Wild Hunt Arc of Akame Ga Kill

In the manga version, there is a whole arc related to Wild Hunt, which is led by Syura. None of the characters related to the wild hunt arc appear in the anime version.

Akame Ga Kill: Anime Vs Manga - Five Major Differences

2. Kurome: Dead or Alive?

In both versions, Akame and Kurome end up fighting each other. Akame wins the battle in both versions, but spares the life of Kurome in the manga.

1. Tatsumi’s fate

In the anime, Tatsumi dies sacrificing his life to stop the emperor, while in the manga he is still alive and is in the form of a large dragon.

There are other few major differences in both versions such as Mine’s death, Bol’s Family’s fate, Prime Minister Honest’s death and Murasame’s trump card.

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