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My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a Japanese Superhero series written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court. The series is prequel to Kohei Horikoshi ‘s manga series My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

Till now we have seen 12 volumes of the series. Viz Media is the English publisher of the series.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

The series revolves around a young man Koichi. He is 19 years old school boy who loves helping everyone. Though he is not a vigilante at that moment but he uses his Quirks to help others. Further in the stroy, a group of thugs torture and harrase Koichi and a girl. The Vigilante Knuckleduster saves them in the end. Koichi inspires from Knuckleduster and tries to be vigilante. Later, the group recruits him to be a vigilante.

The first episode of the series released on August 20, 2016.

Chapter 117, Release date and Recap

The 117th Chapter of the series will release on January 7, 2022. The fans are much eager to know what will be the context of the next episode. In the 116th episode, The Number 6 ‘s destruction style pummels the building due to which Koichi gets completely struck in the rubble . The news tells the citizens of Naruhata to get shelter till the Heroes arrive. Further, we see that Koichi wakes up in the darkness. He thinks that he is dead until he sees Knuckleduster. Koichi still thinks that it is his last moment but Knuckleduster advices him to use his Quirks to reduce the pain.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

Here, Number 6 continues the destruction of buildings and homes in search of Koichi. He stops to see the sudden explosion in heaps of rocks. Koichi rises like a hero punching through Slide and Glide on his fists also called the “Knuckle Style”.

So, the chapter 117 will show the further fight between Koichi and Number 6 which creates much interests among the fans worldwide.

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