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Phasmophobia has broken out on its own and thrashed all the criticism surrounding the game. The major issue with horror games is that every game is compared to Five Nights at Freddy’s. To differentiate yourself and prove that your game truly stands out is difficult. Phasmophobia overcame that problem and has gone to become a successful game.

Plot: Phasmophobia

In the game Phasmophobia, players battle a variety of paranormal forces. In Phasmophobia, players earn money by accomplishing several objectives and gathering evidence at the end of a hunt. They can afford better equipment for the next contract if they generate more money.

Phasmophobia: Insurance Guide

With this facet of the game comes a feature that is sometimes misinterpreted by new Phasmophobia players: insurance payouts. This section of the contract payment screen can be confusing to navigate. This means that players must budget for the supplies they will need to finish work and earn as much money as possible while minimizing their risk.

Role of Insurance

After choosing a place to hunt down a ghost, players must decide what kind of equipment they think they’ll need to complete the task. The items they choose will depend on the type of ghost they encounter in Phasmophobia. If a player goes on a job with extra equipment and dies, this insurance will partially recompense them for the equipment they lost.

Phasmophobia: Insurance Guide

This refers to the items that players bring with them for the job they’ve chosen. They lose those products, but depending on the difficulty, they get reimbursed for a portion of the cost. In the game, this is how insurance works. Fortunately, things like the EMF Reader, flashlight, photo camera, video camera, spirit box, and ghostwriter book are always available at Phasmophobia. As a result, even if a player dies on a job, they are not doomed for the next search. They have a fighting chance to re-arm for the next site thanks to insurance and the game.

How to get Insurance?

In actuality, insurance only compensates for things added to a mission, and Amateur tasks only receive 50% of their worth returned. The payment is much lower for individuals participating in Intermediate missions: only 25%. In addition, taking on Phasmophobia’s Professional difficulty implies no insurance benefits.

Phasmophobia: Insurance Guide

It’s worth noting that when a player dies, their teammates can use their goods. These artifacts will remain on the premises until the investigation is complete. Fortunately, players will be able to use their items in their next hunt as long as they live. This holds true even if players leave their belongings in the haunted location when they flee.

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