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In contrast to typical RPGs, Dark Souls 3’s classes do not tie players into a specific playstyle. Instead, they provide players with a variety of starting items as well as several starting stats. While a player’s class isn’t as important in PvE as it is in PvP, it can make or break a build.


Knights are, without a doubt, the most popular class in Dark Souls 3. Knights begin with the Longsword, one of the game’s best weapons. They also have a physical absorption shield that is 100 percent effective. Furthermore, due to their excellent strength and dexterity stats, they concentrate on raw damage. To put it another way, quality builds are better on Knights, and newer players should start with this class.


The Deprived is a common beginning class for experienced Dark Souls 3 players. The Deprived has a fantastic general stat distribution for those who care about their Soul Level. Newer players may believe this is a horrible pick because it starts with minimal gear, but it has a great general stat distribution for those who care about their Soul Level. At level one, having ten in each stat is really important for getting any build up and running quickly—just make sure to obtain armour parts as soon as possible!


Pyromancers are ideal for spellblades or characters who seek to use fire and darkness. This class comes with a fantastic starting weapon, a good ranged damage option with their Fire Ball pyromancy, outstanding stat distribution, and even a parrying shield. In the early stages of Dark Souls 3, most foes are vulnerable to fire, making their already excellent Fire Ball a top-tier pyromancy.


Warriors have the greatest starting strength stat of any class. They are the ideal choice for melee-focused builds due to their low attunement and caster-related characteristics. Warriors respond well to pure strength, strength/intelligence hybrids, and any luck hybrid builds. They also begin with the Battle Axe, a powerful weapon that makes several of Dark Souls 3’s early battles obsolete.


When compared to Warriors, Mercenaries may not have the best stat distribution, but they start with the best weapon in the game: the Sellsword Twinblades. As long as players invest in dexterity, this weapon will carry them until the finish of Dark Souls 3. Mercenaries have the best stat distribution for pure dexterity builds and any dexterity/faith hybrid setups, regardless of starting gear.

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