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Tekken is one of the most memorable fighting franchises ever. It is so iconic that it has become a common household name. The brand has expanded so wide in this world that people will buy it even if it is similar to the last game. Today, we are here to find out whether the next instalment of the game is really in talks or not.

Plot – Tekken

The main games in the series follow the events of the Mishima Zaibatsu’s King of Iron Fist Tournament, in which players control a variety of characters in order to win the tournament and gain control of the company; the series’ plot revolves around the conflict between the Mishima family, while players explore the motivations of other characters in their quest to control the Zaibatsu.

Players select a character from a lineup and engage in hand-to-hand battle with an opponent, like in many fighting games. Traditional fighting games usually have buttons that correspond to the attack’s strength, such as a hard punch or a weak kick. Tekken, on the other hand, assigns a button to each of the fighter’s four limbs. Blocks, throws, escapes, and ground combat are all part of the gaming system.

Tekken 8 Updates

Tekken 8 has yet to receive an official release date or even a release window from Bandai Namco, the game’s developer and publisher. It hasn’t said when additional content for Tekken 7 will cease, and it has been unusually quiet about any new characters. According to the Tekken Steam website, the studio has traditionally announced new characters and DLC twice a year. On March 23, 2021, Lidia Karateka, the most recent “Tekken” DLC character, became available for purchase.

Some websites, such as GiveMeSport, predict that Tekken 8 will be released in 2022. Given how little information there is about it, it could take considerably longer than that. It’ll probably arrive much later, in 2023 or 2024, depending on when it’s disclosed. Even if it receives a 2022 release date, Tekken 8 may not arrive on platforms right immediately. Unfortunately, when it comes to the time between releases, Tekken as a series doesn’t have much of a trend. In short, Tekken 8 is unlikely to come out anytime soon. Fans of fighting games can look through the greatest fighting games of 2021 to choose a new combatant to kill time with.

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