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There are people who like Pokémon and people who don’t. Both these people can agree how much of an influence it has been over the years. Many fathers have grown up watching it and now their children do as well. It is truly magnificent how a show can travel across generations and still manage to be popular!

What are Snake type Pokémons?

Snake type Pokémons obviously look like snakes. While there is no specific classification of these Pokémons anywhere, it is safe to say that most of these are either of poison type (duh!) or of ground types. For example, Ekans is a snake type Pokemon and so is Onix but Ekans is a poison type Pokémon while Onix is a ground type.

These snake types have a wide spectrum of power index because some are not so powerful like Ekans, some are very powerful like the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza and some evolve to become powerful, that is, Dratini evolves to become Dragonaire and finally Dragonite. These are not region specific as well. Well there is only one Rayquaza but there are multiple other Ekans spread across various regions.

Snake type Pokémons ranked

  1. Steelix: Steelix is the evolution of Onix, but unlike Onix, Steelix wasn’t released until Pokémon Gold and Silver in generation two, despite Onix’s appearance in the initial Pokemon games. It is a Steel/Ground Pokémon with a serpentine body similar to Onix’s, as well as spikes protruding from its body.
  2. Gyarados: Gyarados, which has a snake-like look, has a tremendous attack that may overpower most of its opponents. It’s a snake-like Pokemon with scaly skin. Gyarados is a violent creature who dwells in both salty and freshwaters. It doesn’t act like a snake, despite its appearance.
  3. Serperior: As you move down the list, the Pokemon become increasingly snake-like. Serperior is a Grass-type Pokemon with the ability to encircle its opponents. It takes this inspiration from snakes. It is named for snakes like the emerald tree boa and the ball python.
  4. Giratina: Legendary Pokemon have some of the most visually appealing looks, and Giratina is no exception. Fans usually see it in its Altered Form, but it is in its Origin Form that it truly appears to be a Snake Pokemon.
  5. Rayquaza: Rayquaza is a legendary Pokemon that initially appears in the Pokemon games’ third generation. Its long and agile body gives it a snake-like look. This Pokemon distinguishes out due of its great capacity for causing devastation.

These are the top five snake type Pokémons ranked. We apologize in case we missed a few good ones but the list is very tight. It is also a fun fact to notice that two of the most powerful & rare legendary Pokémons are snake types!

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