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Outward provides an immersive RPG experience bonded with survival gameplay, presenting a deeply-rewarding challenge for most gamers. As a regular explorer, you’ll not only have to hide or protect yourself against endangering creatures but also survive hazardous environmental situations, defend yourself against contagious diseases, and make sure you get enough sleep and keep up hydrated. Begin on risky trips across untamed areas to reach new towns, attempt various missions, and discover mysterious dungeons crawling with dangerous enemies.

To survive in the dazzling yet toxic world of Aurai, you’ll have to be cunning, smart, and equipped. Devise techniques to defeat your enemies and don’t disregard your basic needs, sharing your journey with a pal, locally or online.


Outward includes a debug menu for PC users, which is very useful for those who like to remove some of the boredom from the game, endeavor with builds before devoting to them, or get around bugs.

Note:- simply by enabling the debug menu, you can restore older saves.

Installation and Removal

To use it, produce a blank Notepad file named DEBUG.txt and save it to yourOutward_Data folder( C:/Program Files /Steam/steamapps/commonOutward_Data).

To remove the debug menu, simply remove the DEBUG.txt train.

When in-game utilize the controls listed below to pierce varied menus and activate different functions. Press launch or Escape in-game to open the menu and find generate Item and Cheats options.

  • F1 = Item generate menu
  • F2 = Dev Debug Menu
  • F3 = Skill Enable/ Disable menu( Add/ remove chops)
  • F4 = Quest menu
  • Numpad 1 = Slow Down Game
  • Numpad 4 = Kill Player
  • Numpad 6 = Adds Status Effect
  • Numpad 7 = Remove Status Effect
  • Numpad 8 = Heal Player, revitalize him and Fill Needs
  • Numpad 9 = Take Damage
  • Numpad Period = Invert Mouse Y
  • Left Ctrl Left Alt S = Force Environment Save
  • Left Ctrl Left Alt L = Skip Environment cargo and Reload
  • Left Ctrl Left Alt X = Open Photon Network Room
  • Left Alt Page Up = Set Graphics
  • Left Alt Page Down = Set former plates Settings
  • Left Alt Numpad Divide = Show Debug Info
  • Left Shift O = Open GUI
  • Left Shift U = Player Ragdoll
  • Left Shift H = Hide UI
  • F12 = Take a Screenshot

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