It Takes Two: Three Best Games Similar To It

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It Takes Two is an adventure game developed by Swedish game developer Hazelight Studios. It is a multiplayer platform game that was released by EA in 2021 for Xbox, PlayStation and Windows users. Also, it is a unique co-op game that needs two players for its gameplay. This game is a huge success as it won the game of the year award in 2021. Though this is a very special game, there are many co-op games similar to it. This article features the top 3 games similar to It Takes Two.

Top 3 Games Like It Takes Two

3. A Way Out

It Takes Two: Three Best Games Similar To It

This game was developed by the Swedish company Hazelight Studios. In this game, the players assume the role of Leo and Vincent. Moreover, only two players can play this game as they can choose between the two characters.

2. Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

It Takes Two: Three Best Games Similar To It

Another game that is similar to It Takes Two is Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons. Josef Fares directed this game. Also, he is the director of A Way Out, another similar game. This game has a pleasant enjoyable story. Because of this, many co-op gamers love this game.

1. Unravel 2

It Takes Two: Three Best Games Similar To It

Many It Takes Two gamers prefer Unravel 2 as their next game. Swedish company Coldwood Interactive developed this game. Also, just like the other above-mentioned games, it needs two players to play the game. Though it can also be played by a single player by switching the two characters, many players prefer to partner up.

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