Granblue Fantasy: Top Five Characters In The Game

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Granblue Fantasy shortly known as gbf is an action role-playing game. Japanese video game company Cygames developed this game and released it in 2014. This game features many characters with different abilities. Also, these characters are classified into various classes based on their abilities. Here are the top five best characters from Granblue Fantasy.

5. Ferry

Granblue Fantasy: Top Five Characters In The Game

Ferry is one such character that has all bases covered. She is an extremely useful character as she specializes in long-ranged attacks. Also, she has insane mobility which includes her special move called “Ghost Swing”. In addition to these, she is also very good at crowd control. So, it is safe to say that Ferry is an all-around character as she performs well in both offense and defense.

4. Beelzebub

Granblue Fantasy: Top Five Characters In The Game

Beelzebub is an extremely powerful character with some terrifying moves. Being a negative character, Beelzebub has the ability to teleport called “Shadowstep”. Also, he has powerful air attacks that can cause some serious damage.

3. Katalina

Granblue Fantasy: Top Five Characters In The Game

Katalina does well in mid-range battles making her a versatile character. She is an excellent choice when the players prefer a defensive playstyle. This is because she can easily counter the enemies with her projectiles. Also, she is an excellent crowd controller.

2. Charlotta

Charlotta is one of the best short-ranged characters in Granblue Fantasy. Like Ferry, she has very good mobility. Also, she has various moves with high damage. Though her moves are impressive, these are mostly ineffective in long-range. But, the players can combine her various moves to produce combo attacks.

1. Gran

Gran is the main character of the game and he has some mind-blowing skills. Furthermore, he is a user-friendly character and only gets better with time. Also, Gran specializes in all-around abilities as his projectiles speak for themselves. His special move is called “Overdrive Surge” and it is one of the best moves in the game. All these things make him the best character in Granblue Fantasy.

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