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In this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, we’ll show you the top-tier cookies, also known as cookie characters, that you can utilise to build a top-tier squad in both PvE and PvP game modes. We will exactly showcase one cookie from each tier list to give you a better idea.

S – Tier

The Sea Fairy cookie Inflicts damage and stuns X5 closest opponents with a torrent of water. A full moon-shaped pool of water generated beneath the targets bursts up with the might of eternity after a specified length of time, causing heavy DMG. Her position is in the middle and her type would be the Bomber.

A – Tier

Tea Knight Cookie deals DMG to the nearest foe (Cookies first) and leads the fight, buffing his allied units and allies. There are numerous types of buff effects available; each type is applicable to the Cookie that meets the requirements. The wrath of the commander effect is activated once a friendly unit cookie is destroyed. The Commander’s Wrath is unremovable and stacks up to four times. Tea Knight Cookie will become impervious to interrupting effects at maximum stacks.

B – Tier

In the Cookie Run Kingdom game, Milk Cookie is one of the top-tier cookie characters. It is popular for its tanky performance in both PvP and PvE game modes; it sits in front and helps by inflicting area damage, “taunting adversaries” to shield comrades, and reducing incoming damage.

C – Tier

Werewolf is an epic-grade front-line character unit in the game noted for its wolf shape; when you use its skill, the cookie transforms into a wolf from – while in this form, the cookie gains higher HP and damaging power. He isn’t worth your time or money. It just primarily looks cool to play with. Nothing else. This concludes the list of cookies from each tier list.

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