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Cookie Run is an endless mobile games series developed for iOS and Android. It was initially developed by Devisisters in April, 2013. In January 2021 another game, released in the franchise called Cookie Run: Kingdom which is sequel to the Cookie Wars released in 2018.

Cookie Run: The Sweet and Cruncy game

Cookie Run is a fighting game in an RPG simulator. In the game, the player assumes the role of cookies. There are lots of cookies and every cookie has a different role to play. The gameplay has two different types – Kingdom Development and Adventure. The Kingdom Development takes you in the game where you need to build your kingdom, enhance your abilities. Players can also enhance the characters by raiding and harvesting.

Cookie Run

Adventure part of the game comes with different levels in order to play. Cookies play characters like : Power, Ambush, Defense, Magic, Ranged, Bomber, Support and Healing.

The plot of the game tells that there exist 3 witches who collect and create living cookies. Cookies were very happy. But soon, the witches started eating cookies with a great taste due to which the cookies ran away to save their lives.

Cookie Run

Ginger Brave

Gingerbrave is the first character and protagonist of the Cookie Game: Kingdom. It was the first cookie to run from the witches. Though we don’t know how it came to life, but the rumor says that the witches mixed Witch powder instead of ginger powder while creating it.

Cookie Run

The Gingerbrave cookie can run, jump, doodle jump, and slide. It’s energy level also increases. It was first released in OvenBreak and came with Choco drop. While the cookie looks cute in blue eyes and a red smile, it can damage base upto 150% which is more than enough. It has an international name “cookie0001”. Play the game and enjoy the character.

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