Anderson or Udina: Whom to choose in Mass Effect?

Mass effect is a sci-fi role-based game, which was released in November 2007. There are several choices a player has to make in the game, and one of them is choosing either Anderson or Udina for the council to represent the human race. So, if you are confused to decide between the two, read this article to make a proper decision.

Anderson and Udina: Who are they?

Captain David Edward Anderson is a human war hero. He is one of the Alliance’s most decorated special forces operatives. Udina is a human diplomat at the citadel. He is the latest Alliance ambassador to the Council and wants humanity to have a place in the council.

Anderson or Udina: Whom to choose in Mass Effect?

Anderson or Udina: Differences between them

Udina has the proper knowledge in politics and can easily divert the Council’s opinion in his favour. Meanwhile, Anderson has no political training and hence he isn’t much effective in convincing the council. However, Anderson is a friend of Shepherd and puts humanity before politics, unlike Udina, who puts his own preferences before that of Earth.

Anderson or Udina: Whom to choose in Mass Effect?

 Who should you select in Mass Effect ?

Talking about long terms, Udina is a better option as he has enough knowledge of politics. Another factor supporting Udina’s nomination is Anderson’s abhorrence towards being a politician. However, one disadvantage of choosing Udina is that he will not support Shepard’s efforts to prepare for the Reapers at every turn. On the other hand, choosing Anderson means that he will support Shepard in their quest to stop the Reapers.

Anderson or Udina: Whom to choose in Mass Effect?

Choosing Anderson or Udina will have its advantages and disadvantages. A player should keep all the above points in mind before making a final call.

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