Unlock The Secret Of Tianqiu Valley

Developed by miHoYo in 2020, Genshin Impact is an anime- style open- world adventure game. In this game players complete several quests to unlock new regions and gain primogems. In Genshin there is a Tianqiu Valley, you can unlock the secrets of Tianqiu Valley by completing certain quests. If you ha ven’t been able to unlock this Valley then continue reading the article as we have provided a  complete guide on how to unlock the secrets of Tianqiu Valley.

 Where Is The Tianqiu Valley

In order to unlock the secrets pf Tianqiu Valley, the first thing you will have to do is locate this valley. Being on the southernwest part of Genshin Impact’s world of Teyvat , this valley is located on the west of Luhua Pool.

Once you reach this valley, you will come across three towers. Each tower has certain puzzles that needs to be solved. But for doing that you will have to unlock its quest. In order to receive the Tianqiu Valley quest you will have to read the tablet near the small statue located in the middle of the three towers. The players will  be directed to each towers to solve the puzzles.

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How To Solve The Towers In Tianqiu Valley

1. The Southern Tower

This Southern Tower involves more of fighting than solving puzzles. The players need to have a strong and a fast team since they will have to defeat enemies within a specific time frame. There are three floors in this tower.

In the first floor, the players will be given 40 seconds to defeat 4 enemies. In the second and third floor, players will be given 60 seconds each to kill 5 enemies. If you have a strong team and use their elements strategically, you will be able to complete this tower without much trouble . After completing this tower you will receive your first prism.

Unlock The Secret Of Tianqiu Valley

The Western Tower

This tower involves more of jumping rather than combating. So it doesn’t matter if you have a strong team. But only thing that matters is the stamina gauge of the characters. You can increase your stamina by collecting amenoculus or geoculus and offering them to the shrines.

If you have been lucky enough to unlock Venti, you can use his wind abilities to climb faster. Or you can use another trick by changing your main character’s ability from Ameno to Geo at the Geo Shrine. This will help you in platforming by building Geo crystals on the tower. The players may find this tower a little difficult to complete and it may take them few tries to reach the top. Players will find the second prism on top of this tower.

Unlock The Secret Of Tianqui Valley

The Northern Tower

Just like the southern tower, this tower also has three floors which involves  lighting torches. For this tower you will need to include a Pyro character in your team, it would make it easier if you include Amber due to her long- distance fire ability.

In the first floor there are a number of torches arranged in the shape of a triangle. You might find it easy to complete but what makes it tricky is that- if you light one torch it will either lit or put out others connected to it. So here’s how you complete the first floor

  • First light the torch on top of the pyramid which will in turn light the two below it.
  • After that light the torch in the middle, (below the pyramid) which will light the rest of the torches.

In the second floor the torches are arranged in the shape of a star, which makes it a little difficult to solve. You need to light all torches without putting anyone out. Here’s how you solve the second floor.

  • First light the torches furthest to the left and then the ones furthest to the right.
  • After this, they will light all the torches- the ones furthest away and the ones closest.
  • Make sure to grab the treasure chest.

Unlock The Secret Of Tianqui Valley

The third floor is much more difficult since the all the eight torches are on the wall and are connected to each one next to it. With some trial and error you will successfully be able to solve it. After completing this third floor grab the treasure chest along with the third prism.

After successfully collecting the three prisms bring them back to the statue and insert in the holes. This will spawn some enemies. After killing them you will get your reward for completing this quest. This is how you unlock the secret of Tianqiu Valley.

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