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Remnant: from the Ashes is the epitome of how post-apocalyptic survivalist games should work. The story might be a little complex but when you get it, you would realize how deep and original it is. Well, every game has their trademark weapons and so does this one. lets talk about them.

Gameplay: Remnant

Remnant: From the Ashes borrows mechanics from franchises like the Souls series. But instead of just melee fighting, it also includes a third-person shooter element also. This allows the player to wield up to two gun weapons, one main weapon and one side arm, in addition to their melee weapon. Machine guns, shotguns, hunting rifles, sniper rifles, and other weapons are available, as well as upgrades that give players additional skills.

Players build their own personalized character. This helps them overcome difficult foes and monsters around a vast landscape. however, they must still follow a predetermined tale. Players can improve their weapons and armor by collecting resources found across the globe. They can also gain trait points, which can be utilized to boost their playable character’s stats.

Remnant: from the ashes best weapons

  1. Particle accelerator: With a 4X sight, this long rifle uses Black Sun Dust to fire deadly bullets into the adversary. Keeping a safe distance from bosses is nearly always a good approach. Plus, this weapon guarantees that you stay dangerous from afar.
  2. Devastator: Another powerful weapon is the Devastator. It fires spikes at the adversary. While the weapon requires reloading after each shot, it deals 32 damage. Moreover, it also has a special feature that is useful against bosses or squishy foes.
  3. Coach gun: The coach gun is quite similar to the shotgun, but there are a few differences to be aware of. It has a lesser damage rating of 102, requires reloading after two shots, and has a total capacity of 26 ammunition. However, it is ranked higher than the shotgun since it can be fired and reloaded faster, resulting in increased DPS over time.
  4. Ruin: This weapon is more about survivability than it is about damage. It does 19 damage, has a fast fire rate, can fire 30 bullets before needing to reload, and has a total of 150 ammo, allowing you to inflict some substantial damage from a distance using the 3X scope.
  5. Assault rifle: the best weapon in the game is the assault rifle because it’s the most diverse. It’s good at mid to long ranges with some decent stopping power at close range means you aren’t likely to switch to another weapon for any reason.

These are the top five guns in the game. We may have missed a few of the fan favorites but we tried to incorporate the most that we could. With that said, try acquiring these weapons first and have a blast using them.

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