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Dark souls 3 is the finale of the dark souls trilogy and many people can concur that it had delivered its hype. The game provided a fine end to the trilogy. It even redefined the action-RPG genre of games. Amazing storyline? detailed characters? over the top graphics? You name it. this game has everything.

Plot: Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is set in a temporary location and revolves around the first flame and the fire-dark cycle. You take on the role of a protagonist. Your mission is to locate and return the five Lords of Cinder to their thrones at Firelink Shrine. This will enable the flame to reconnect. The protagonist is an Unkindled, a type of Undead albeit. Though, it is never clearly explained what makes an Unkindled distinct from other Undead.

Ludleth the Exiled, Aldrich, Saint of the Deep, Farron’s Undead Legion, the Abyss Watchers, Yhorm the Giant, the recluse lord of the Profaned Capital, and Holy King Lothric, Last Hope of His Line are the five Lords of Cinder. Lords of Cinder are prior beings who succeeded in linking the flames. They are now burned relics of their former selves. One may cobble Dark Souls 3’s plot and lore together easily.

Best strength builds

  1. Pure strength tank: This tanky style to DS3 fighting is recommended for players who want to maintain their composure. Using Yhorm’s Greatshield’s additional poise, the goal is to go hit-for-hit in damage trades. This will help you come out on top while forcing the opponent to back off.
  2. Efficient strength: This construct seeks to do all of the basic moves that Strength builds can, but with a streamlined plan that can be changed as needed, such as splitting the points spent in Faith with Intelligence for pyromancies rather than miracles.
  3. Ledo’s OP strength: Because this weapon demands the wielder to have 60 Strength to utilize it, this Ledo’s Great Hammer build, created by Youtuber Games 4 Days, will compel gamers to invest even more points in this valued melee stat.
  4. Black knight greataxe: It seeks to employ one of the heaver black knight weapons to not only stun and stagger adversaries, but also to do it with perhaps the finest moveset of any greataxe. The Black Knight Greataxe’s stronger than usual poise health and poise damage allow it’s wielders to trade blows optimally.
  5. Strength & faith greataxe: Faith should be used by players who want a Strength build that requires less raw power and brute force, but not for lightning-based ranged miracles. Using the Lightning Blade miracle to enhance one’s weapon with lightning damage, preventing even enemies with high physical protection from escaping damage trades.

These are some of the best strength builds in the game. Even though you may not take our word of advice but, most of the consensus playing the game may agree to these builds being kick-ass.

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