Being A Dik: Beginner's Guide And Complete Walkthrough

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Being A Dik is an episode-based game. This adult game functions through choice-based gameplay that revolves around college life. Here the player assumes the role of a young male and makes different choices to progress in the game. This article offers a complete walkthrough of this game.

About the Game

This is an adult visual novel that involves romance, sex, and other adult content. Being a Dik follows the story of a young man from a poor background as he moves away from his family to pursue his college education. So, he joins Burgmeister & Royce college but soon discovers himself involved in various conflicts in the college.

Being A Dik: Beginner's Guide And Complete Walkthrough

Here the players go through the normal routine of a college student like attending classes, writing tests, etc. But, the main story centers around parties, drinks, and sex. Though this looks like another normal adult game, it is not. Being a Dik is different in many ways compares to other games of its type. The main difference is its episodic and choice-driven gameplay which adds a different dimension to this erotic game.

Being A Dik Walkthrough

Since this game is played by making choices, there are multiple ways a story can progress. Next, there are two words that beginners need to be aware of, they are Chick and Dik. The players will also earn relationship points based on their actions. These might look confusing as there are many ways to play this game. So, here is a walkthrough to understand the game better.

Being A Dik: Beginner's Guide And Complete Walkthrough

As mentioned earlier, this game is entirely about choices. Some of the important choices are given below.

  • Trigger him – What do you mean
  • Get mad – Shrug it off 
  • Get annoyed – Humor him
  • Think a bad thought – Ignore it
  • Retort – Ignore him
  • Shove him – Call security
  • Maybe he did – That’s bullshit
  • Banter – Defend her

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