Terraria: Zoologist - Everything You Need To Know

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Zoologist is one of the non-playable characters in Terraria, a 2D adventure game. American game developer Re-Logic developed this game. It was released in 2011 for Windows users. This is a sandbox type game and was an instant hit among the gamers. This article showers light on the non-playable character Zoologist.

Terraria: About Zoologist

Zoologist is a combination of a woman and a fox. She has all the distinctive looks of a fox such as fox-like ears and tail. As mentioned earlier, she is a non-playable character. In the game, she sells different items to the player. The player can buy various accessories from the Zoologist. Also, she can attack the enemies who bother her.

Terraria: Zoologist - Everything You Need To Know

Furthermore, she likes forests and hates desert regions. She also can turn into a werefox. This is possible only during the full moon as she returns to her normal self in the morning.

How to Unlock Her?

In the game, the zoologist has five stars for rarity. But, the player can get her quite easily. To get her, the player needs to follow some simple steps.

Terraria: Zoologist - Everything You Need To Know

First, the player needs to have an empty house. Next, the player should work on their Bestiary, a type of catalogue in the game. The player needs to kill various creatures and should make entries in the Bestiary. In this way, the player needs to have more than 50 entries(precisely 52)in it. After successfully completing these steps, the Zoologist will appear for the player. Now, the player can buy different things from her.

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