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Project Zomboid has been an influencing game for many other horror survivalist games to come. Many zombie games on mobile and PC alike have popped up since 2013 with each game trying to be better than the other. If you see the trend carefully, Project Zomboid started it all. lets revisit the game and talk about its best mods.

Gameplay: Project Zomboid

The player’s goal in Project Zomboid is to survive as long as possible in a post-apocalyptic world. This involves the zombie-infested territory of Kentucky known as ‘Knox Country,’ which has been quarantined by the government. Before choosing one of four starting towns, the player can choose their character’s look, occupation, and qualities.

In addition to avoiding zombies, the player must manage their own requirements. These include as hunger, stress, exhaustion, and boredom. This is required to stay alive by resting, scavenging for supplies, and employing survivalist tactics. The game features slow-moving zombies in the usual Romero manner, while some are faster than others, and the sandbox mode offers a preset for 28 Days Later-type “sprinter” zombies.

Top five mods: Project Zomboid

  1. Literature & magazines mods: It might sound like a boring mod but it is totally awesome. His version adds almost 1100 books to the game, which is an absurdly large quantity in and of itself. Furthermore, the mod allows some of these books to enhance the player’s stats, which will be quite beneficial in and of itself.
  2. Torch mod: One of the most important components of Project Zomboid’s gameplay is crafting. Some players, though, would want additional options when it comes to manufacturing stuff in the game. In this aspect, the Torch mod is fantastic. Its purpose is straightforward. It allows players to add a craft able torch to the game that can illuminate gloomy areas.
  3. Homemade bats mod: This is addressed with the Homemade Bats mod. It allows players to create bats and clubs out of improvised materials. This expands their armament throughout the game.
  4. Recycle & craft mod: It enables gamers to easily recycle previously useless materials and use them to create both new and old weapons. this mod even includes a method of dehydrating food to extend its shelf life at the expense of nutritional content.
  5. Realistic body textures mod: True to its name, it increases the texture quality of both humans and zombies, making the entire experience a little bit better in terms of visuals.

These are some of the best mods that one has to install while playing Project Zomboid. There are also a few good ones we may have missed but these are some must haves mods that you need to get ASAP!

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