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No man’s sky was one of the most hyped games of 2018. Mainly because it was delayed by almost two years and people wondered what took it so long. But when it did release, it was a hit! every twitch streamer, youtuber and gamer alike played it thoroughly. One of the key takeaways of the game would be its graphics. So, lets discuss the types of planets in the game.

Plot: No Man’s Sky

‘The Traveler’ awakens with amnesia on a distant planet and must locate their destroyed vessel. When they arrive, their starship’s computer guides them, instructing the character to repair the ship and collect the supplies needed to make a hyperspace jump to another planetary system. Along the way, they meet members of three alien races who live in the galaxy: the Gek, the Korvax, and the Vy’keen. The Traveler is compelled by a mysterious power to reach the galaxy’s Centre during their journey.

Priest Entity Nada and Specialist Polo, two of the aliens, have knowledge beyond what other aliens in the galaxy appear to have, including the ability to communicate to the Traveler without translation. They talk of a bizarre entity discovered at the galaxy’s Centre. They can lead the Traveler to it by leading them to a nearby black hole that can quickly transport the Traveler closer to the galaxy’s Centre.

Types of planets

  1. Lush: Lush worlds are essentially green Earth-like planets. They have the ideal habitat for gathering materials, constructing bases, and whatever else gamers may require.
  2. Barren: These planets are devoid of most plant life, and their primary biome is usually desert.
  3. Dead: Dead planets have no atmosphere, have very low gravity, and have no animals or plants.
  4. Exotic: These are planets having exotic elements, typically in the form of distinct flora and animals, as the name implies. They differ from space in appearance, with some having hexagonal-shaped atmospheres or having pockmarked surfaces.
  5. Mega Exotic: These are, as the name suggests, the ‘Mega’ versions of exotic planets.
  6. Scorched: Scorched worlds have phosphorus, solanium, and sulphurine, and vegetation has adapted in fascinating ways due to the high temperatures on the planet’s surface.
  7. Frozen: They are basically lush planets post an ice-age.
  8. Toxic: The way these planets look, what’s on them, and everything about them is toxic. When the player gets too close, they have to deal with fungus, toxic rain, and very deadly vegetation that tries to kill them.
  9. Irradiated: Think of scorched planets with radiation and less minerals.
  10. Marsh: Subterranean tunnels, similar to caves in other biomes, are common on these worlds. They descend horizontally rather than vertically, and they cover more of the planet’s surface than other biomes.
  11. Volcanic: Think of scorched planets but with active volcanoes ready to burst anytime.

These are all the planet types and how they behave in a couple of sentences. You can use this as a guide or explore the vast map of No Man’s Sky to know more about each planet type in detail yourself.

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