Atom RPG has been released on PC Via Steam by its publisher and Developer Atom Team. It is an indie-based role-playing game where players will need to survive in a wasteland.

The game has been inspired by the classic CRPGs game, Fallout, and more. You’ll need to move forward through the game and unlock new abilities, guns, and more to battle with other aggressive beasts.

While proceeding through the game you will need to acquire new items by hunting and crafting them. So, that you can survive through the wasteland and reveal the secrets of the Soviet land.

The crafting recipes feature is one of the most crucial parts of video games. Through this, you can craft new guns, body armors, and other useful items by utilizing numerous elements.

Here, is a list of all the crafting recipes which will help you get new gadgets in the Atom RPG game.

Melee Weapon


Skill Requirement – 1
Recipe – Electric Tape + Spoon + Brick

Broken Bottle

Skill Requirement – 1
Recipe – Brick + Glass Bottle

Cudgel Blackjack

Skill Requirement – 10
Recipe – Scrap Metal + Brik/Sharpening Stone

Stone Knife

Skill Requirement – 10
Recipe – Stone Tool + Electrical Tape + Sharpening Stone

Quality Knife

Skill Requirement – 3
Recipe – Knife + Sharpening Stone


Skill Requirement – 10
Recipe – Broken Shovel Hands + Nails + Scrap Metal

Spiked Club

Skill Requirement – 5
Recipe – Club + Nails

Ranged Weapons

Zip Gun

Skill Requirement – 10
Recipe – 2x Scrap Metal + Wood Log + Wire

Double Barreled Zip Gun

Skill Requirement – 30
Recipe – Zip gun + 2x Scrap Metal + Rope + Empty

Custom air pistol

Skill Requirement – 30
Recipe – Zip gun + Scrap Metal + Fire Extinguisher + Empty Plastic Bottle

Custom Revolver

Skill Requirement – 20
Recipe – Zip Gun + Scrap Metal + 2x Nails + Electric Tape

Capsule Revolver

Skill Requirement – 30
Recipe – Custom Revolver + Scrap Metal + 2x Empty Tin Can + Electric wires

Capsule Revolver

Skill Requirement – 45
Recipe – Capsule Revolver + Scrap Metal + 2x Electric Tape + Toolbox

Quality Samopal

Skill Requirement – 40
Recipe – Zip gun + 2x Scrap Metal + Wire + Toolbox

Triple Barreled Samopal

Skill Requirement – 45
Recipe – Double Barreled Zip Gun + 2x Scrap Metal + Rope + Toolbox

Pipe Rifle

Skill Requirement – 10
Recipe – 2x Scrap Metal + Wood Log + Electric Tape

Custom Double Barrel Shotgun

Skill Requirement – 30
Recipe – Pipe Rifle + Scrap Metal + Rope/Wire + Empty Tin Can

Custom Triple Barrel Shotgun

Skill Requirement – 40
Recipe – Custom Double Barrel shotgun + 2x Scrap Metal + Wood Log + Plastic Bottle

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