In Minecraft, players can and have created some incredible engineering wonders. The sandbox’s extensive material library allows players to build large structures, massive recreations, and even a replica of the Hawaiian Islands in Minecraft. Players may want a fast-moving elevator to get up and down their large structures in order to maneuver around these massive projects.

Material required to build it

A few components are required to start a water elevator. Water will be the primary component, followed by whatever structure blocks players employ to contain the water. Magma bricks and Soul Sand will also be required. The Minecraft Water Elevator’s basic building blocks are these. Step by Step guide to build a Water Elevator

How to build a Water Elevator – Step 1

Players can begin the construction process with the help of a Minecraft crafting table and these materials. An elevator’s fundamental structure is made up of three 1×1 brick (or, in this case, glass) towers built in the manner shown below. Leave the 1×1 square in the centre blank. The towers should be as tall as the level’s highest floor, which the player desires to reach with this elevator. Players must then construct a door at the bottom of the tower and secure it. Any type of door will suffice in this situation. Then, above the door, add the fourth side to the tower.

Players now have a 1×1 water container that is very tall. They must next place either a Magma Block or a Soul Sand at the elevator’s bottom. When placed at the bottom, Magma Blocks will drag players down from the top through the water, while Soul Sand will push players up through the water. Magma Blocks and Soul Sand are both items that must be obtained in the Nether in Minecraft, however they are both rather simple to obtain or construct. The Soul Sand Valley biome of the Nether may be found all over the place in the Nether as is, with no crafting necessary.

How to build a Water Elevator – Step 2

Players must mix four Magma Creams in the crafting menu, two in the first two blocks of the first row and two creams in the first two blocks of the second row, to form one Magma block. Magma cream is a mob loot that is dropped by Magma Cubes, which can be found in numerous Nether biomes. 

Slime balls and flame powder can also be combined to make creams. Players can now ride the elevators as many times as they want now that they’re finished. With this fundamental building, users can create a variety of stunning new elevators to finish their Minecraft creations.

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