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Control is one of the most underrated games ever. It has beautiful writing, succulent set pieces and mind-blowing actions sequences. More than that, It has also won a BAFTA video games award. Those who do not play it should give it a try but for those who do play it, This one is for you all.

Plot: Control

The Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) is a secretive United States government agency. It examines supernatural Altered World Events (AWEs). The human collective unconscious influences these AWEs. These have a variety of “paranormal” impacts, such as the development of Objects of Power. These are archetypal artefacts that provide extraordinary abilities to their wielders. The Board, a black pyramid-shaped object that dwells within the Astral Plane, an other realm, is connects to Objects of Power. The person designated by the Board to wield the Service Weapon, an Object of Power, is under the hands of the FBC’s director by default.

The Oldest House, a Brutalist tower in New York City that serves as the FBC’s headquarters, is completely under control. The Oldest House has several paranormal characteristics. No one other than the FBC members can notice it. By harnessing nexuses of resonance known as Control Points, the FBC is able to stabilize portions of the Oldest House for its purpose.

A complete to Control: The enemy within

Previously, the games asks you to investigate a safe room. As players progress farther into the Safe Room, they will encounter what may be the most perplexing aspect of the quest: a big gap. While it is technically feasible to cross the distance with only the Dash ability, Levitate makes crossing the gap much easier. As a result, players who have not yet unlocked Levitate in Control are advised to continue playing the game and return to The Enemy Within after they have earned the ability.

Fans will receive a fresh command after crossing the abyss in the Safe Room, and they must now fight the Anchor in Control. To accomplish so, players must pay close attention to the Anchor’s motions, which follow a tight pattern. This boss, in particular, turns clockwise, ejecting a torrent of miniature clocks every time it travels 90 degrees. Move counter-clockwise to a platform with a large clock on it. Then lift the enormous clock, and wait for the Anchor to turn toward the platform is the plan here. When it happens, players should wait for the Anchor to open up before launching the giant clock at its red core before the lesser clocks can fire.

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