Activision Account: How To Change Your Name?

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Nowadays all games require an account to keep track of your progress and Call of Duty is no different. If you are a COD lover, you might have already known about the Activision account or ID. It is a unique name which identifies all the players that play the game. This article explains everything you need to know about it and features a guide to changing your Activision ID.

Activision Account

An Activision account or ID is a combination of letters, numbers and a special character(#). It contains your name followed by a hash(#) and a set of unique numbers. Unlike some games where you can’t use already taken names, this lets you have such taken names. This is because the numbers after the # symbol are unique for all so it won’t be a problem as two players with the same name will have different Activision IDs.

Activision Account: How To Change Your Name?

But, if you wish to change the account name that you set in your younger days, you can do it easily. This can be done with the help of Username Change Tokens. Activision provides players one token every six months. This helps you to get over the embarrassing name that you set in your younger days.

How to Change Your Name?

There are two ways to change your Activision account name. The first method is to change the account name by logging in to recent COD games such as Vanguard, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War. The second way is to change your Activision ID online. These two methods are detailed below.

Changing Activision name in-game:

  • Open COD: Vanguard or Warzone or Black Ops Cold War.
  • Press ‘OPTIONS’ on the home screen.
  • Go to the ‘ACCOUNT’ tab.
  • Select Activision Account.
  • Enter your new name and click ‘CONFIRM’.

Activision Account: How To Change Your Name?

Changing Activision name online:

  • Go to the Call of Duty login page.
  • Login to your Activision Account.
  • Choose ‘BASIC INFO’.
  • Select ‘EDIT’ next to your ACTIVISION ID and enter your new Display Name.
  • Click SAVE’.

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