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Stardew Valley has been very successful for garnering a huge fan base in a short time. At first look, the game does not look anything special but what makes it special are the intricacies. One such intricacy would be how the items in the game interact with the environment. The item being talked about here is the Pufferfish.

Gameplay: Stardew Valley

Greetings from the valley! You, like millions of others, have taken the first of many steps in what will quickly turn into a massive adventure. This will be your new home, and while it may not appear to be much at the moment, you’ll soon be a respected member of the community who operates a productive farm and contributes to the community.

Even though Stardew Valley is an easy and peaceful game, there is a lot to learn at the beginning. The first few seasons will be more stressful than subsequent seasons. Hence, there will be a learning curve when you initially begin. Overall, The game is open-ended, so players can engage in a wide range of activities. Growing crops, raising cattle, mining, foraging, selling produce, and interacting with the citizens of neighboring Pelican Town, including the ability to marry and have children, are all examples of these activities.

What is a Pufferfish?

During the summer, pufferfish can only be spotted in the ocean in the early afternoon. When consumed, it will also deplete 180 calories. It is preferable to give it to Abigail, who adores it, sell it, or include it in The Specialty Fish bundle. Pufferfish is also occasionally sold at Cindersap Forest’s Traveling Cart.

Magic Bait can be used to catch pufferfish regardless of the weather, time, or season. The Pufferfish and the Blobfish are the only fishing rod fishes in the fishing mini-game that have a “floater” habit. They can be used to make the dyeable Sailor Shirt in the Sewing Machine’s spool. It can be used as a yellow dye at Emily and Haley’s residence, 2 Willow Lane, where the dye pots are housed.

How to catch a Pufferfish?

A player can catch a Pufferfish by the above methods. But, there are also certain quests that require to catch the Pufferfish. This means three more ways to catch it guaranteed. Moreover, these quests can only be done in the ‘summer season‘. These are:

  1. Aquatic research quest: Demetrius writes to request a Pufferfish. For their efforts, players will receive a Friendship heart and 1,000 gold.
  2. A help wanted quest: On the help board outside Pierre’s, pufferfish can be requested; one of these fish will fulfil the request. This request, thankfully, only appears during the summer, when these fish may be caught in the ocean. The prize is 600 gold and 150 points in the Friendship system.
  3. Fishing quest: On the Help Wanted board, Willy can request one to four Pufferfish as a fishing quest. Players will receive 200 gold and the fish will be theirs to keep.

These are the three quest that, if done, will 100% guarantee you the Pufferfish. The only drawback to it is that you will have to wait for the summer season for these quests but I think the Pufferfish is worth the wait!

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