Roundscape Adorevia Cheats And Codes: Latest Updates

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Roundscape Adorevia is a 2021 adult role-playing game developed by Arvus Games. This game revolves around erotic gameplay and adult adventure. Furthermore, this 2D game features open-world gameplay. This article features all you need to know about this game’s cheats and codes.

About Roundscape Adorevia

This game is set in a fictional world called Adorevia, a combination of beautiful greeny forests and hi-fi cities. The players can team up with other NPCs and are tasked with saving innocent lives by preventing a threat. However, the game centers around adult fantasy.

Roundscape Adorevia Cheats And Codes: Latest Updates

Initially, the players have to choose a male or female character. Moreover, players can also select their origin story to progress in the game. In Roundscape Adorevia, the players have the freedom to explore the world of Adorevia.

Roundscape Adorevia Cheats And Codes: Latest Updates

During the game, the players will meet eight other characters. These companions may vary based on the player’s choices and all of them will be sexually attractive in their way. This is obvious as the game is entirely about adult desires. The players along with these non-playable characters complete various main and side quests.

Cheats and Codes

Cheats are part and parcel of any game and Roundscape Adorevia is no different. Also, cheat and codes keep the game interesting as it offers more fun while playing the game. There are many cheats that have a significant impact on the game.  So, if you are a Roundscape lover and don’t know about these cheats, continue reading the article to get to know about it.

Roundscape Adorevia Cheats And Codes: Latest Updates

Gender Change Cheats:

  • Male to female: turn on switch 4983 and turn off 4982.
  • Female to male: turn on switch 4982 and turn off 4983.

Remember to use debug stone after using both these cheats.

Origin Change Cheats:

  • Noble: 400
  • Templar: 379
  • Farmer: 10 and 361
  • Soldier: 378
  • Thief: 12 and 362

Remember to turn on one origin and turn off the other.


  • Skip Combat: 2931.
  • Speed up: 1700.
  • 2500 GP: 1819.

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