Genshin Impact: Top 5 Beautiful Sceneries

Genshin Impact is an open-world role-playing game. Chinese video game company miHoYo developed this game. It was released on 28th September 2020 for PS 4, PS 5, Android and iOS users. This is an anime based game with stunning graphics. Along with this, Genshin Impact sceneries are eye-catching. This article features some of those breathtaking locations in the game.

Genshin Impact: Top 5 Sceneries

5. Neon Type Sceneries: Chinju Forest

Genshin Impact: Top 5 Beautiful Sceneries

Chinju Forest is located on the island of Inazuma. This place is one of the beautiful Genshin Impact Sceneries. It is considered a sacred forest but it is described as an evil place. This is because the Chinju forest was once inhabited by many demons. The main highlight of Chinju Forest is its neon flowers. These flowers are very bright and they glow at night. This makes the place look like a day even in the nighttime.

Wide Open Sceneries

4. Starsnatch Cliff

Genshin Impact: Top 5 Beautiful Sceneries

The player can view almost everything from the top of the cliff. It is like Dragonspine where most of the nearby places can be viewed. Along with its beauty, a secret mission can also be completed in this place.

3. Dragonspine Mountain

Genshin Impact: Top 5 Beautiful Sceneries

Dragonspine is one of the menacing places in the game. This region is located in the south of Mondstadt. Also, snow covers the majority of the location. It also inhabits many dangerous creatures. The cold temperature of the place makes it even more deadly.

2. Guyun Stone Forest

Genshin Impact: Top 5 Beautiful Sceneries

The Guyun Stone Forest is located in the Sea of Clouds in Liyue. It is a group of scattered stone mountain islands. This is a stunning location and one of the many beautiful places in the game. It also has historical importance as this is the place where Rex Lapis killed Osial, a sea monster.

1. Pleasant Sceneries: Inazuma City

Genshin Impact: Top 5 Beautiful Sceneries

Inazuma City is arguably the most beautiful location in Genshin Impact. This place contains many Cherry Blossoms and traditional buildings. Also, it has various types of shops and gives a pleasant feel to the players.

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