Fueled Up: All About The Latest Co-Op Action Space Game

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Cooperative games or Co-op games are becoming more and more popular among video game lovers. There is a reason for this as gamers prefer playing with friends rather than playing alone. So, many game developers tried to capitalize on this trend by releasing more Co-op games. One such game is Fueled Up which is yet to be released. But, its trailer which was recently released, created a significant buzz among the gaming community. Here are the latest updates regarding this upcoming space game.

About Fueled Up

Fueled Up is designed as an action co-op game that takes place in space. It is a multiplayer game where a player can team up with up to four players. You can team up with your local friends as well as with your online buddies as Fueled Up supports both local and online co-op modes.

 Fueled Up: All About The Latest Co-Op Action Space Game

Polish video game company Fireline Games developed this fun-filled action game. Though the game still hasn’t been released, it is already one of the most anticipated games of 2022. But, there are several question marks related to the game. However, It is expected to be a game like Overcooked, as the trailer resembled the Ghost Town Games’ epic.

Gameplay and Release Date

As mentioned earlier, Fueled Up will be similar to Overcooked as far as gameplay is concerned. The players must split their work and should work as a team to fuel and fix the damaged spaceship. The game also has a powerful antagonist which is a giant space octopus. Furthermore, the players should complete various tasks and should look to evade the tentacles of the giant.

 Fueled Up: All About The Latest Co-Op Action Space Game

Though the exact release date of Fueled Up is not confirmed, the game will release later in 2022. The game will also release on many platforms such as Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Overall, it is a game that has everything to be a successful co-op game as the fans can’t wait for the game to be released.

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