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Call of the Night is a famous manga series written and published by Kotoyama. The series appeared as serial in Shonen Sunday, the weekly magazine. In 2019, Viz media released the English translation of the series.

Call of the Night; Recap

The series belongs to Romantic and Supernatural genre. Till now, we have seen 8 volumes.

It revolves around a dork boy named Ko Yamori. He is a typical school student and relatively good in studies. He puts a lot of efforts in his daily life though he doesn’t get satisfied.

Call of the Night

On a fine day, he eventually stops pretending and going to school. In day time, he sits idly and do nothing. Eventually, he develops insomnia, the lack of sleep disorder. So, he walks out at night that it still feels better to him. One night, he meets a girl Nazuna Nanakusa and he shares his life problems with her. Til that moment, he is unaware of the fact that Nazuna is blood sucking Vampire. Nazuna supports him and tells him to spend his day hour doing some work. Later, she takes him to her apartment to share her futon and bites him!!

Volume 6; Spoilers

The Volume 6 of the series will be releasing in February 2022. The spoilers of the series tell that Ko seriously considers the pros and cons of becoming a vampire. But every human has a different take on it, and one of them just wants to kill them all!  Later, the police get to know Ko’s nighttime jaunts, they start to cramp his style.

Call of the Night

Ko learns something surprising about vampire Hakka—and gets a tempting offer. Nazuna has a change of heart—but not about everything. And Ko wants to know what vampire Kiku’s intentions are regarding Ko’s deliciously human friend Mahiru…

So, the series will have lots of adventure and supernatural mysteries unveiling!!

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