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You must have heard about “Outriders” a lot from your friends, right? this is because it is one of the most played X- box games. Outriders is a third- party video game which can only be played in online mode. It involves shooting and role- playing. During combat, players can enhance their passive skills and abilities known as Attributes that will help them reach their ideal lifestyle. One such Attribute is Status Power. To know more about it and its affects, read the article below.

Watch the video to know about different Outriders Attributes.

What Is Status Power?

Status Power is one of the Attributes that boosts the strength of Status Effects of a player such as Freezing, Burning and Weakness. If you want to see your Status Power , you can do it by opening your Stats list in your Inventory page.

Crowd Control, Damage and Debuff are three types of Status Control.

Outriders Status Power

How Does It Affect Status Effects

There are three types of effects under Crowd Control- Freeze (which traps an enemy in ice for 3.5 seconds), Ash (which traps an enemy in ash for 2.5 seconds), and Slow (which reduces enemy’s movement by 30- 75%) and two Debuffs- Vulnerable (the attack taken by enemies increases by 15% for 10 seconds) and Weakness (damage dealt by enemies reduces by 30% for 6 seconds) . Now if you increase Status Power, both Crowd Control and Debuff effects will increase.

But one thing that should be noted is that the Slow effect under Crowd Control will not be affected by Status  power. Since the Slow Effect is dependent on the enemy’s Effect Resistance.

Outriders Status Power

Three types of effects under Damage include Burn, Bleed and Toxic. Increasing Status Power will increase the total damage dealt by an enemy. High Status Power will greatly benefit a Pestilence Technomancer as their damage output will be boosted substantially with abilities such as Blighted Rounds.

How To Increase It

You will have to find a gear with Status Power attribute boost on it to increase your Status Power. One Attribute boost is always found on the Unusual or Green gear. You will only be able to use Status Power Attribute boost on a piece of armor if you have that armor equipped.

Outriders Status Power

You can now play Outriders on  PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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