NBA 2K21: Top 5 Finishing Badges

NBA 2K21 is a basketball simulation game in NBA 2K franchise. It is based on the North American basketball league NBA. Visual Concepts developed NBA 2K21 and 2K Sports published the game in 2020. This game is the 22nd edition in the NBA 2K series. Just like FIFA 21, NBA 2K21 is loved by basketball fans. This game has many unique features and Badges is one of those special items in the game.

What Are Badges In NBA 2K21?

Badges are nothing but upgrades. In simple terms, it provides a boost to certain skills in the game. These badges are of four types, Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking and Defense.

NBA 2K21: Top 5 Finishing Badges

These badges make a player either offensive or defensive. Badges are obtained by increasing badge points. This can be done by the performance in the game related to the badge skill. For example, impressive shooting will increase the shooting badge points. After acquiring the required points, the player can choose the badge related to that.

NBA 2K21: Finishing Badges

Finishing is one of the four types of badges in NBA 2K21. Here are the five best finishing badges in the game.

Top 5 NBA 2K21 Finishing Badges

1. Contact Finisher

NBA 2K21: Top 5 Finishing Badges

Contact finisher helps in dunking. But, it requires good timing to make the most of it. The advantage of this badge is that it lets the player get contact dunks.

2. Consistent Finisher

NBA 2K21: Top 5 Finishing Badges

The consistent finisher helps the players to increase consistency in layup conversion. This is best suited for layup gameplay as the players can expect better results.

3. Slithery Finisher

NBA 2K21: Top 5 Finishing Badges

This is the best finishing badge in NBA 2K21. Many players prefer this badge as it enables them to dunk more often. So, this is a must-have badge in the game.

4. Giant Slayer

NBA 2K21: Top 5 Finishing Badges

Giant Slayer badge helps the players with driving gameplay. This is a very effective badge and it nullifies the problem in height differences. So, Slashers or drivers can benefit from this.

5. Pro Touch

NBA 2K21: Top 5 Finishing Badges

Just like the consistent finisher, the pro touch also helps in layups. This is even more efficient than that as it solves the issue of mistimed layups. This is very handy in increasing the score.

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