Lyrid Meteor Shower 2022: How & Where To Watch

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The Lyrid meteor shower is a famous space spectacle that repeats every year in April. To be precise, Lyrids can be seen between April 16 to April 29. However, it peaks during a specific date and time. Luckily, we have enough technology to predict the exact duration of the iconic meteor shower. This article features the latest updates regarding this space event.

About the Lyrid meteor shower

Lyrid is the result of the leftovers from the thatcher comet aka C/1861 G1. This comet passes Earth every year in April. As a result, it leaves behind some debris that in turn falls into the earth’s atmosphere. This debris of the comet thatcher burns up in the atmosphere and the end result is the Lyrid meteor shower.

Lyrid Meteor Shower 2022: How & Where To Watch

The Lyrid is one of the most beautiful space events in the world. Also, it has been observed for over 2,500 years as it was first noticed way back in 687 BC as per the history books. Furthermore, this makes it one of the oldest space events known to mankind.

Lyrid Meteor Shower 2022: How & Where To Watch

So, with history by its side along with the visual extravaganza, the Lyrid meteor shower is a sight to behold. Because of all these reasons, many people are eager to know the exact date and time to observe the iconic meteor shower. Here are the latest updates regarding the event.

Where to Watch?

According to the space experts, this eye-catching event will peak on April, 22 and 23. Though this is the best time for you to watch the spectacle, you can continue to watch this event till April, 29. But, your best bet to watch the event is the night of April, 22.

Lyrid Meteor Shower 2022: How & Where To Watch

Though it can be seen all around the world, the people in the Northern Hemisphere can see it clearly. So, if are in these regions, get yourself away from the city lights and get to a quiet dark place with minimal or no air pollution. Also, grab your blankets and other necessary things and wait patiently to enjoy the show.

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