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Hyrule Warriors: Age of calamity is one of the best Hack and Slash games. It had a brilliant storyline and amazing visuals. Games like these have proved that Nintendo switch is also a heavy contender in the war of consoles.


A little Guardian emerges within Hyrule Castle during the Great Calamity. It uses a time portal to escape the destruction, but is pursued by a piece of Calamity’s Ganon’s Malice. The Guardian is awakened by Link and Impa during a battle in an alternate reality before the Calamity happened. Purah and Robbie, the engineers, investigate it and discover that it comes from a future in which Ganon reawakens and destroys Hyrule. To prevent this, King Rhoam gathers four Divine Beast pilots – Mipha, Daruk, Urbosa, and Revali – and orders them, Link, and Zelda to search Korok Forest for the Master Sword.

The Champions come across Astor. He is a wicked prophet who wants to resurrect and rule Calamity Ganon in order to ruin the Forest. But, Link draws the Master Sword and forces him to flee. Purah’s investigation uncovers the existence of underground Sheikah transport towers. The Champions reactivate and utilize it to launch a preemptive strike on the Yiga Clan’s lair in the Gerudo Desert. Knowing that Calamity Ganon will return on Zelda’s seventeenth birthday, King Rhoam sends her to train in the hopes of waking her sealing magic in time, and dispatches the Divine Beasts to prepare for the Calamity’s coming return, as revealed by the Guardian’s records.

Age of calamity ending explained

Princess Zelda unlocks her powers earlier in Age of Calamity than in the Breath of the Wild timeframe. As a result, the Champions and King are spared, Link is unharmed, and the Divine Beasts defeat the Ganon Blights. When Calamity Ganon comes, he faces far more formidable opposition, and even the combined strength of Link wielding the Master Sword and an energized Princess Zelda isn’t enough to defeat him.

Terrako is once again the true hero, as the small Guardian sacrifices itself to weaken Ganon. Princess Zelda is able to seal Calamity Ganon away, averting the century of sorrow that preceded the start of Breath of the Wild. Calamity Ganon joins forces with Astor and takes on a more humanoid appearance.

Secret ending?

For this to be unlocked, you need to beat the game, collect 50 Terrako components and be at least level 60. This will unlock a new quest ‘Terrako’s Return’. It’s a little epilogue that opens with Terrako’s perspective in the style of found footage. Before moving into a modified version of the credits with new visuals, the sequence establishes that Terrako is now alive.

You can now choose Terrako as a playable character when you return to your Hyrule map. The teeny-tiny terror is a teeny-tiny terror. They may be small, but they pack a powerful punch. Terrako has the ability to discharge large amounts of energy throughout the battlefield. They have two trusty axes to hack enemies to shreds if that doesn’t work.

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