Halo Infinite Livestream Interrupted By A Bizarre Teaser

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Recently 343 Industries conducted a Community Livestream to promote season 2 of Halo Infinite. Everything was going fine for more than an hour. But, suddenly something strange happened as the Livestream was interrupted by an unknown video. This article features everything you need to know about this interruption.

Halo Infinite Livestream Interruption

May 2022 is the month the Halo Infinite fans have been waiting for. As promised by 343 Industries, season 2 was released early this month. This is considered a major update as it brings new maps and rewards. Since it is a big update, the promotions were in full flow before the release. However, during one such promotion in late April 2022, a strange thing happened.

Halo Infinite Livestream Interrupted By A Bizarre Teaser

The game developer organized a Community Livestream to announce Season 2 updates. The event lasted for more than one and a half hours, as a couple of office bearers of 343 Industries hosted the event. But, a strange video was seen during the middle of the event. Surprisingly, even the host Brian Jarrard and John Junyszek seemed to be unaware of it.

Strange Teaser

The strange video appeared as a teaser for a commercial named Lux Voluspa. The video shows the company as an AI manufacturer. Furthermore, the video proceeds to show some sort of hack in Lux Voluspa. Also, the video shows data transfer and stealing of a Matrix Core.

Halo Infinite Livestream Interrupted By A Bizarre Teaser

The teaser ended with the company’s slogan “Artificial Minds. Real Solutions”. Whether this is an official video or some sort of third-party interruption is still unclear. However, the fans speculate this video is a hint to Season 2 updates. But, there is no update regarding this video from the game developers. So, the fans need to wait to know more about this mysterious video.

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