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If you are a gamer, I am pretty sure you must have played Genshin Impact, right? The year 2021 saw an increase in the number of Genshin Impact’s player count.  This is a gacha game where players get different tier characters with weapons and artifacts. In this game players explore the different area by completing quests and daily commissions to get primogems and resins etc. If you have been playing this game for a long time, then you must have come across the Cloud Retainer. In this article today, we are going to provide you with a complete guide on Cloud Retainer.

Who Is Cloud Retainer

Cloud Retainer is an adeptus like Mountain Sharper and Mountain Carver. Taking the form of white crane with blue, gold and black plumage, she is an old ally of Morax and a friend of Guizhong. The players have to find her in the city of Liyue by solving different puzzles and offering food. She is a part of Archon Quests and chain quests Of the Land Amidst Monoliths, Act I.

Mt. Aozang, on the North West of Jueyun Karst is where you can find the Cloud Retainer. You can quickly reach there through the waypoints. There is a lake on Mt. Aozang where you will find everything. A pro- tip – be sure to keep Amber in your team since certain puzzles require her precision to be solved.

Cloud Retainer

Offering Food To The Cloud Retainer.

The players will find a round table at the center of the lake with the remains of food left for offering. The players will have to find the 3 recipes location and cook them to offer to the Cloud Retainer in order to solve the puzzles. The 3 recipes with their locations are:

  1. Matsutake Meat rolls: This recipe requires two Raw Meat and two Matsutake to be cooked. You can either cook it by the altar or purchase it for for 1,775 Mora from Verr Goldet in Wangshu Inn.
  2. Mora Meat: This recipe requires one Raw Meat and one Flour to be cooked. Or you can purchase it for 430 Mora from either Su Er’niang or Mr. Zhu.
  3.  Jewelry Soup: This recipe requires two Snapdragons, two Tofu, and one Lotus Head to be cooked. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase this recipe from anywhere.

Cloud Retainer

How To Solve The Puzzles?

After offering the food to the Cloud Retainer, the players will be able to hear her speak to them. Following this, the players will have to complete the puzzles in order to get to her lair. These puzzles are solved inside the Pyro Monument with the help of Amber. Inside the monument you will have to kill 10 slimes, hilichurls, recreate the fire’s patterns on the totems. And finally after completing all the puzzles you will find the Cloud Retainer.

Finding the Cloud Retainer isn’t that difficult but it may take some time for the players to solve the puzzles. If you have Keqing or Venti in your party, then you can completely skip the puzzles, as you can just Skyward Sonnet or Stellar Restoration to get to the center platform. Hope these guidelines help you find the adeptus.

Cloud Retainer

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