In BioShock Infinite, Booker DeWitt has a formidable arsenal at his disposal. They range from lethal explosive weaponry to unstoppable melee strikes. Booker can only carry two weapons at a time, so if he picks up another, he’ll have to discard one of his current weapons. The founders, who make the majority of the weapons, and the Vox Populi, who make alternate models of the founder weapons, are the two main manufacturers of these weapons.

5. Vox Heater

The Vox modeled gun may have a low rate of fire but the damage it does is even more than an RPG! It is an open muzzle shotgun with a red fabric wrapped around it. It has a vast shooting spread so it totally dominates close range battles. The only drawback it has would be it’s low magazine capacity which makes the standard shotgun look better than this one.

4. Huntsman Carbine

When people talk about a balanced gun, the Huntsman Carbine comes to mind. With a decent fire rate and magazine size, it almost feels like a sniper because of its versatility during mid-long range duels. Unlike the sniper, this gun is very forgiving due to it’s fire rate. This means players can have a couple of shots before taking cover or before aiming for that one crisp headshot.

3. China Broom Shotgun

This weapon would literally be the better version of the Vox Repeater. It has a higher fire rate, better magazine and lesser recoil as well. Although, it causes lesser damage than the former gun but it is still deadlier than most weapons in the game. Now imagine all these qualities with a combination of the Undertow Vigor and max upgrades. Dominating is the only word that comes to my mind.

2. The Paddywhacker Hand Canyon

This one would be the most balanced and deadly gun of the game. It has a nice fire rate so you can miss a couple shots here and there plus it also has a decent spread. The only problem with this gun would be the magazine size but with all the upgrades, it is almost a one shot kill. The only reason why it is not numero uno is because it still requires good mechanical skill to dominate.

1. Bird’s Eye Sniper Rifle

Personally being a fan of sniper rifles, I would be a little biased to say that the Bird’s Eye sniper is broken! But I also have the statistics to prove my point. It has a decent magazine, massive range, the potential to hit no-scopes at close ranges and killer damage. The best thing about this weapon is how satisfying popping headshots feel. It may have a lower fire rate but that too can be overcome by upgrading the weapon which makes it kind of unstoppable.

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