A Hat in Time: Top 5 Cheat Codes

Cheat codes make any game more fun to play. A Hat in Time certainly has many of those fun cheat codes. This is a multiplayer adventure game. Danish game developer Gears for Breakfast developed this game and Humble Bundle published it on 5th October 2017. Though this game is very enjoyable, the fun increases with cheat codes. This article features the five best cheat codes in the game.

A Hat in Time: Gameplay and Cheat Codes

This game is an open-world type action game. The character Hat Kid is the protagonist of the game. In this game, the players roam the world from the third-person perspective. The players can solve puzzles and can confront enemies.

A Hat in Time: Top 5 Cheat Codes

For the cheat codes to work, the player must first check the developer console option in settings. Next, the player should relaunch the game. After this, the player should enter “enablecheats” by pressing the tilde button. With this, the player can use any cheats in the game.

Top 5 Cheat Codes

5. Size Cheat

A Hat in Time: Top 5 Cheat Codes

The player should type “changesize” in the console after pressing the tilde button. This will increase the size of Hat Kid. Generally, the Hat Kid is smaller than many characters in the game. So, this code will make her a giant.

4. Freezing Time

A Hat in Time: Top 5 Cheat Codes

By using the “freezeframe” cheat code, the current happenings in the game will come to a halt. To resume normal gameplay, the player needs to hit the escape button. This is very much useful for beginners as this would give them more time to think.

3. Flying Ability

A Hat in Time: Top 5 Cheat Codes

This is one of the craziest cheat codes as it makes Hat Kid fly. The player needs to type “fly” in the console. To disable this, the player should type “walk” in the console.

2. Teleportation

A Hat in Time: Top 5 Cheat Codes

The code “teleport” is very useful for the players. As the name suggests, it enables the player to go from one place to another very easily.

1. Immunity

A Hat in Time: Top 5 Cheat Codes

The cheat code “god” is the coolest thing in the game. This makes Hat Kid immune to all damages caused by the enemies as well as the surroundings.

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