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Fallout 3 is probably the best Fallout game of the series. It took some of it’s basic elements mixed with some modern visuals and character arcs. The testament to it’s brilliance was proven when it got the game of the year award. For those who are just starting out with the Fallout series or the third installment itself, Here top 5 builds from the game.

The Cowboy build

First and foremost, gamers must dress the role of a gunslinger. A duster and a cowboy hat will suffice. Nothing beats a dependable for a sidearm. Pistol, 32 calibre A lever-action rifle is also suggested, which is accessible with the Point Lookout DLC. Gun Nut, Scoundrel, Gunslinger, Commando, and Impartial Mediation are all worthwhile bonuses.

The Sneak build

Focus on Perception, Agility, and Luck as characteristics. Silent Running, Thief, Finesse, Mister Sandman, Light Step, and Infiltrator are all excellent perk options. To remain stealthy, light armour or clothing is ideal. A silenced 10mm pistol or a bladed dagger are ideal possibilities for weaponry.

The Sniper build

You should prioritize the Agility and Luck characteristic for this build. Thus, it goes without saying that a rifle with a scope is necessary. When trying to aim with VATS, the Sniper and Commando bonuses come in handy. Gun Nut, Finesse, Action Boy/Girl, and Concentrated Fire are other useful abilities.

The Energy weapons build

In Fallout 3, projectile weapons do not just mean gunpowder weapons. You can shred certain adversaries like tissue paper by energy weapons, especially ones that use plasma. The attributes to concentrate on are perception and endurance. Scrounger, Size Matters, Strong Back, and Cyborg are all useful perks. Carry a mix of plasma and laser weaponry to be more versatile with your armaments.

The Indestructible build

Initially, players should concentrate on Strength and Endurance. With this typology, you don’t have to be a future brain surgeon. Size Matters, Toughness, Bloody Mess, Demolition Expert, and Strong Back are all good bonuses to have. Finally, players should equip themselves with as much heavy armour as possible in order to endure even the most brutal blows.

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