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A new third person RPG is on the block and fans are excited about it. Remnant: from the ashes had been one of the most hyped games last year and needless to say, It delivered it’s hype. While fans are still grinding the game, we figured, why not help them grind some important achievements as well.

Plot: Remnant – from the ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes takes you to a post-apocalyptic world. Here an interdimensional evil known as the Root has ravaged and overtaken the world. The player controls a roaming apocalypse survivor who is determined to put an end to the Root by heading to a tower on an island that looks to be the invasion’s epicenter.

They are taken to Ward 13, a subterranean bunker where human survivors live, early in their voyage. The player is entrusted with tracking down Ward 13’s founder, Ford, and must explore the ruined Earth city before discovering a connection to the Labyrinth, an interdimensional fissure that allows them to travel between worlds in quest of Ford.

Achievements guide

Down below are the five easiest achievements that you can complete:

  1. Grind glowing fragments: You’ll already have a large number of Glowing Fragments, but you’ll most likely need to grind for more. To unlock 40 armor skins, you’ll need a total of 550 Glowing Fragments. Under “Fashion is Danger,” there is a decent strategy for farming these.
  2. Mudtooth’s Pocket Watch: After killing the first boss, look for Mud Tooth. By the checkpoint, he’ll be in a crashed chopper. Continue to listen to his stories, and he will ultimately hand over the pocket watch.
  3. Precious: You’re seeking for The Tarnished Ring, a spawn that appears at random on Earth. You can play the Adventure Mode again and again until you locate it. Deliver the ring to Ward 13’s Reggie.
  4. Not so lucky: You can obtain in a variety of places on Earth or by killing Earth adversaries. You can play the Adventure Mode again and again until you locate it. Deliver the currency to Ward 13’s Ace.
  5. Untouchable: After you’ve completed the game and are completely upgraded, you should go for this because it will make the fight much easier. Singe is the simplest boss to defeat. Replay Adventure Mode until you find him. Make sure you’re in offline mode because you’ll need to do it alone. Build your character to deal the most harm imaginable. Icefruit, Houndmaster’s Jerky, Frenzy Dust, and Adrenaline are all stat-boosting potions. The boss can be defeated in under a minute using a Sniper Rifle, Slayer armor set, and summoner mods (Iron Sentinel & Beckon).

These are some achievements that are very straightforward and easy to complete. Four of them are specific quests and one requires you to have the best build.

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