Red Dead Redemption 2: New Update Disappoints Players

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Rockstar Games has recently released a new update for its epic survival game Red Dead Redemption 2. But, the update was more of a disappointment rather than rejoice to the players. Many expected this update to bring a lot of new things. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet the expectations of RDR2 players. Here is why the latest update upset the players.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Update

At the end of last month, the fans of GTA 5 and RDR2 were over the moon when Rockstar Games announced updates for both games. Though the GTA 5 update was good, the latter was not. RDR2 players were left fuming as the patch update let them down.

Red Dead Redemption 2: New Update Disappoints Players

The update was released for players of several platforms. These include Stadia, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PS4 and PS5. However, except for PC users, every other platform user was left disappointed with the update. Though this update was aimed at all users, it was meaningless for all barring PC players.

Disappointed Players

Even the PC users expressed their slight disappointment as the update 1.27 didn’t have much for them too. To be precise, the update only improves the security aspects of RDR2 online. So, if we take this out of the update, it holds nothing significant. This explains why many players were not happy with this.

Red Dead Redemption 2: New Update Disappoints Players

Another thing to note is the size of the patch update 1.27 as it comes in at 4.11 GB. This surprised many fans as the update didn’t have anything special to come at this much size. This is another reason for the disappointment of the players. Overall this patch update is a big L for Rockstar Games. As it stands, the game needs something special to keep going. So, only a successful future update can bring the limelight back to RDR2.

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