My Summer Car: Latest Updates On Map

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My Summer Car is a survival game which focuses on repairing cars. Finnish game publisher Amistech Games published this game in 2016 for Windows users. This game has many features and one such unique feature is the Map. Here are the latest updates on the map in My Summer Car.

My Summer Car

As mentioned earlier, this is a car mechanic game designed as a fun, free-to-play game. It was developed by Johannes Rojola, one of the game developers of Amistech Games. This open-world game also includes other survival aspects such as handling hunger, thirst, stress, etc. Furthermore, the player can buy various vital parts for the car. However, to do so, the player needs money. In the game, players can earn money by completing different side missions.

My Summer Car: Latest Updates On Map

As far as the story of the game is concerned, it follows an 18-year-old teenager whose parents leave for Tenerife to enjoy their holiday. Because of this, the player has the whole house for himself. So to engage himself, the player tries to restore and upgrade the fictional car, Satsuma AMP similar to the real-world car Datsun 100A.

About Map

The map features various places in the fictional area of Alivieska, Finland. As this is a Finnish game, it is obvious that it is set in a fictional place in Finland. The total area of this map is 4.2 x 3.3 kilometres and lake Peräjärvi covers the majority portions of the map. Other than the lake, National Route 70 is another significant part of the map as it is the main road of Alivieska.

My Summer Car: Latest Updates On Map

Furthermore, the map features many lines and symbols which have different meanings. The paved roads are represented by red lines, while the dark red lines correspond to unpaved roads. Also, the black and white lines symbolise railroads. Other significant areas and symbols are,

  • Yellow area – Farm fields
  • Brown area – Marsh
  • Light grey area – Rock surfaces
  • Grey area – Gravel pits
  • White area – Inaccessible area
  • Black figure – Houses
  • Purple figure – Commercial buildings

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