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Farming Simulator has taken the world aback just like goat simulator did back in early 2010’s. It has become a household name in the realm of simulator games & is continuing to be so over the years. Some people do complain about its repetitive nature but their sales say otherwise.

Plot: Farming Simulator 19

Players take on the role of farmers in career mode. Their jobs require them to extend and upgrade ageing equipment and machinery, which they can do by harvesting and selling crops. Players have complete freedom to explore the map’s surrounding areas, cultivate a variety of crops, and invest their money in more fields and equipment. They can also farm cattle or work in the forest to supplement their income.

There are dynamically generated missions in which the player does various duties such as cutting grass, fertilizing fields, or transporting freight within a set time limit. When the task is accomplished, the player is given money as well as a bonus based on how quickly the task was completed.

Farming Simulator 19: Top 5 tips

  1. Do lots of contracts: Borrowing the items saves money and is an excellent alternative for a new farm. Borrowing stuff, on the other hand, reduces the reward. Contracts give a reasonable wage and provide an opportunity for newbies to learn about various farming operations.
  2. Plant simple crops: Start with simple plants and work your way up when you’ve established a thriving farm. In-game tutorials aren’t particularly useful, leaving rookie farmers with a lot of unknowns.
  3. Avoid grass: Dealing with grass might be lucrative, but it is a specialist’s field. If new farmers begin by performing a lot of grass labor, they will have no idea what they are getting themselves into. New farm mode will not give you any meaningful materials. Plus, buying equipment will be costly.
  4. Use the Help tab: The help menu is a valuable resource for gamers, even though the tutorials might be misleading. It will take only a few minutes to read and will provide at least some knowledge on the game’s essential functions.
  5. Start in New Farm Mode: New Farm mode is the most convenient approach to learn the game. In-game, players are provided land, equipment, and anything else they need to begin farming. Learning how to farm and what equipment to use can be difficult for newcomers to Farming Simulator, so it’s better to take things slowly at first.

These are some friendly basic tips that every player should know. These tips may sound too basic. But, these are for players just getting into the Farming Simulator series so that they get used to the concept & fundamentals.

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