Sea Of Thieves: Is It Available On PS4?

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Sea of Thieves is a Pirate based online game. British game developing company Rare Limited developed this game. Microsoft owned Xbox Game Studios published this game on March 20, 2018, for Windows and Xbox users. But with Disney and Sea of Thieves joining hands, there is a buzz about the game being introduced in PlayStation 4. This article explains everything regarding the game and PS4.

Sea of Thieves: Plot and Gameplay

In this game, the players will encounter each other as this is an online adventure game. Though this game is famous for its multiplayer gameplay, it also features a solo-player mode. The players predominantly travel using different boats and ships. This includes Sloops for solo and duo mode players. While multiplayer gamers use Brigantines and Galleons.

Sea of Thieves: Is It Available On PS4?

The gameplay includes steering the ship, attacking enemies using canons and repairing the damage in the ship. This gameplay is fun until the player dies as there is a specific time for respawning again. Other than this, the players can complete various quests and can collect rewards. The gaming community loved the game but the critics gave mixed reviews about it.

Can PS4 Users Have Access To The Game?

Though the collaboration of Sea of Thieves and Disney created a buzz linking the game to PS4, the game will not be available for PlayStation 4 users. This includes PS5 as well. The main reason for this is the rivalry between Microsoft owned Xbox and Sony-owned PlayStation.

Sea of Thieves: Is It Available On PS4?

This disappointed PlayStation users as they were expecting the game to be available on their consoles. This means the crossplay between Sea of Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean will not be possible. But, the players are still hopeful as in the past some PlayStation games were included in Xbox. So, in the same way, can an Xbox game be included in PlayStation? Only time will tell us.

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