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God (Saber) Simulator is an Economic Strategy-Simulation Game, that puts you in charge of, well, the entire world! Become an almighty observer in this holyrious.

Publisher: S2 Games

Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom II or greater.

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10

Graphics: 1 GB & AMD or Nvidia or Intel Integrated Graphics.


All latest Codes – God Simulator

In this article, we will mainly talk about the God Simulator codes and all the latest updated codes in 2022.

All Active Codes – 2022

Talking Ben – Code for Ben’s Pet

Platinum – Code for a Platinum Pet

Revenger – Code for a Revenger Pet

Ghost – Code for a Ghost Pet

Champion – Code for a Champion Pet

Cube – Code for a 2022 Cube Pet

2022 King – Code for a 2022 King Slime Pet

2022 Lovely – Code for a 2022 Lovely Champion Pet

Bee – Code for a Giant Cute Bee Pet

GodlyStar – Code for a Godly Star Pet

Gummies – Code for a Stacked Gummies Pet

FireBall – Code for a FireBall Pet

Chill Star – Code for a Chill Star Pet

Celebration – Code for a Mythic Celebration Star Pet

Cookies – Code for a King Cookie Pet

Ultimate – Code for an Ultimate Flower Pet

Frost – Code for a Frost Lord Pet

Evil – Code for an Evil Pyramidium Pet

Hydras – Code for a 7M Hydras Pet

Anti – Code for an Anti-Lustering Goblin Pet

Shards – Code for a White Shards Pet

Star’s – Code for a God Star Pet

Luffy – Code for a God Luffy 4rth Gear Pet

Goku’s – Code for a Super Power Goku Pet

Thankyouto15ksubs – Code for Secret Diamonds Pet

Saitama – Code for Saitama God Pet

SciFi – Code for a Sci-FI Cat Pet

Impostors – Code for Dark Impostors Pet

BlackPoppy – Code for Black Poppy Pet

Expired codes of God Simulator

There are no expired codes of Saber God Simulator. In the future, if any updates related to expired codes are met then you will get updated.

Steps to Redeem Codes in God Simulator 

1. Open up Saber God Simulator on your PC or Mobile.

2. Click on the Twitter icon on the corner of the screen.

3. Copy a code from our website page.

4. Now, Paste the code into the “Enter Code Here” option.

5. Click on the Redeem option to claim your gift.

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