Pokémon Fire Red: Fly - Everything You Need To Know

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Fly also known as HM02 Fly is a special ability in the game Pokémon FireRed. This ability enables the player to quickly move to a previously visited location. Japanese game developer Game Freak developed this game. Pokémon FireRed is a remake of the original game named Pokémon Red and Blue. The HM02 Fly can be obtained quite easily and this article features a guide for beginners.

HM02 Fly: Starting The Mission

To start the quest, the player should visit Cerulean City. After reaching the city, the player should visit Misty’s Gym and should defeat her. Remember to use Electric Pokémons against her as she will be using Starmie and Staryu. By defeating Misty, the player will gain the ability to cut trees. This will come in handy in the latter part of the mission. Next, the player needs to defeat another Gym Leader named Lt. Surge in Vermilion. By using the previously gained ability, enter the gym and defeat his Electric Pokémons by using Grass Pokémons.

Pokémon Fire Red: Fly - Everything You Need To Know

Next head to Rock Tunnel. This will be like a puzzle so get through Route 9 and Route 10 and exit via Route 8 to get to Lavender Town. Now, follow Route 7 to reach Celadon City. After this, exit Celadon by passing through Route 16.

Getting The Ability

After exiting Route 16, the player will find some non-playable characters in front of a Gatehouse. The player should enter the Gatehouse and will find a grassy area. Also, there will be a small house covered with fences and the player should go inside.

Pokémon FireRed: Fly - Everything You Need To Know

By talking to the girl inside the house, the player will get the Fly. An important point to note here is the player should have at least one Flying-type Pokémon to use this ability. So, by following these steps, the player can fly to any of the previously visited locations.

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