NAKD Stock Forecast In 2025 - Stock Guide

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NAKD is the stock of an intimate apparel company called Naked Brand Group which is best known for its premium swimwear. As of early 2021, the stocks of the company went bullish. But, in recent times, there appears to be a slight dip in the stock price. But, ever wondered how would the stock fare in the year 2025? Here is everything you need to know about the stock forecast of NAKD in 2025.

About NAKD

As mentioned earlier, NAKD is one of the most profitable stocks in 2021. That said, it dipped in the latter part of the year, but the stockholders still made handsome profits from the short bullish market. The success of this stock is mainly because of social media as it became a meme stock in early 2021.

NAKD Stock Forecast In 2025 - Stock Guide

Many traders foresaw a huge rise in NAKD which eventually turned out to be true. The rise happened precisely in January 2021 and briefly lasted for a month as the price skyrocketed from less than $0.5 to more than $1.5.

Stock Prediction in 2025

Though the stock market went bearish for NAKD in the later part of 2021, not many are selling the stock in a hurry. This is mainly because of the collaboration between Naked Brand Group and an electric vehicle firm called Cenntro Automotive Group. Even the company changed its name to Cenntro Electric Group as the new motive of the company is to focus on electric vehicles.

NAKD Stock Forecast In 2025 - Stock Guide

Now with these two companies joining hands, the stockholders hope that there would be an upward curve in the charts. Though the bearish trend is set to continue for the next few months, the trend will eventually break and will make way for an upward trend in the future.

NAKD Stock Forecast In 2025 - Stock Guide

Many experts and pundits have predicted that the stock will rise to an astounding $2.5 in 2025. Even the average stock price is predicted to be around the $2 mark. Considering these factors, many traders decided to hold NAKD. One can only hope that these predictions will come true in the future.

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