All About Microsoft’s New 'One Outlook' Email App

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Microsoft is set to launch its brand new email app for Windows. Named ‘One Outlook’, it is similar to the already existing Outlook app, but with some changes. This new app is not available for everyone yet, some exclusive users were able to access the new app. Here are the latest updates regarding the new email app from Microsoft i.e One Outlook.

Microsoft’s One Outlook

Microsoft is working on a new email app called One Outlook that appears to be an upgrade to the Outlook app. The company is in the final stages of app development as it started to test its latest application. Though the release date is not finalized, the company is expected to launch the emailing app in October 2022.

All About Microsoft’s New One Outlook Email App

But, in early May, leaked images of the new app were circulated on social media. A week later Microsoft made the app available only for business and educational account holders with the Beta channel. Microsoft later announced this as a test to check its latest app as the company is leaving no stone unturned.

New Features

As per the leaked screenshots, the new app looks a lot like the Outlook web. But, it has its share of changes as many people were quick to make a note of it. Notable additions are the calendar and to-do aspects. Another inclusion is a new way to attach files in email. To attach a file from the cloud, all you need to do is type the ‘@’ symbol and filename. This gets you the required file that you wish to mail to your target.

All About Microsoft’s New One Outlook Email App

This new app also lets you pin important emails. This is a welcome feature as earlier the users have to star messages to access main emails. Also, the app lets you drag emails to your to-do list or calendar remainder. These new features excite Windows users as millions of people are eagerly waiting to use this app.

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