Divinity: Original Sin II - Peeper Chicken Quest Guide

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Peeper Chicken is one of the chickens in the game, Divinity: Original Sin II. It is introduced in the Count Your Chickens mission. Divinity: Original Sin II is a role-playing game developed by the Belgian game developer Larian Studios. This game has many missions and Count Your Chicken is one of the strange side quests in the game. This article explains the quest and showers light on the Peeper Chicken.

Peeper Chicken: About Mission

As mentioned earlier Peeper Chicken is a part of the Count Your Chickens side quest. Though this mission appears a bit different, it provides the players with a unique experience. Many players might ignore the mission. But, considering the significance of the rewards of the side quest, it is definitely worth the try.

Divinity: Original Sin II - Peeper Chicken Quest Guide

To start the quest, the players should head towards the Eastern town of Driftwood. The player will find a few chickens in a yard and should interact with their leader using an appropriate party member. Their leader named Big Marge will inform the player that Voidwoken, a strange creature, have stolen their eggs. Now, the player must find these eggs with a help of a map. After tracking the eggs, the player must kill the Voidwoken and should return the eggs to the Big Marge.

Completing The Mission

To complete the mission, the player must visit the chicken coop. The player will find a black chick named Peeper along with some dead chickens. The Peeper Chicken will be immediately attached to the player. So, the player needs to find the chick’s father. With the help of Big Marge, the player must take the chick to its father.

Divinity: Original Sin II - Peeper Chicken Quest Guide

The player will find the chick’s father in the north of the Paladins’ bridge. But, the father, Magicockerel will not be pleased to see Peeper Chicken as he will inform the player that the chick has Voidwoken’s trait in it. So, the player should either kill the chick or spare its life.

Peeper’s End

By killing the Peeper, the player will get a legendary item along with an epic item. In the case of the second option, he would still be needed to kill it, but as a Voidwoken form of the chick. This will not be difficult, but the chick turned monster will be helped by other fellow creatures and it would take time to defeat them all.

Divinity: Original Sin II - Peeper Chicken Quest Guide

Also, this choice is not advisable as it doesn’t yield significant rewards as well as a waste of time for the players. In either way, the Peeper dies. So, it is preferable to kill the peeper in the first place.

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