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Apple is a global revolutionary technological brand. Their products are considered a technological breakthrough and a work of art. Recently, They had launched an Apple polishing cloth which made many people think back on the above sentence. Was it yet another ‘Technological breakthrough’ or just a quick cash grab product?

What is an Apple cloth?

Apple’s Polishing Cloth comes in a plain box that you open by pulling the tab to remove a tiny line of tape and sliding it open, just like other Apple product packaging. The 6.3-inch-by-6.3-inch square material is pleasant to the touch but tougher than some comparable goods. The crew at iFixIt had to tear one to discover that the material is actually two pieces stitched together, making it thicker.

Although the double design doesn’t make a significant impact because practically all microfiber cleaning cloths have two sides, it does give weight to the cloth, making it simpler to move on a variety of gadgets. It also has a smaller footprint than a regular cloth and an Apple emblem embroidered into the bottom left corner, which we noted.

Is it any good?

It works surprisingly well, gliding lightly across the screen of an iPhone, MacBook, iPad, or Apple Watch and effectively removing even caked-on smudges. Given the size of the cloth, you’ll need to clean a few times for larger items like a Mac or iPad Pro, but it still seems straightforward. It isn’t cheap, at $19 for a single cloth, but we expect it will clean your screen for at least several years.

It’s only natural that the list of compatible devices has grown now that Apple is selling it as a standalone product. This solution accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. This is for those Apple users who prefer to continue with the company’s $19 high-end polishing cloth. We uncovered several good choices for people searching for more bang for their buck or perhaps a solution in bulk.

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